Ericsson Canada is set with their Global Information Technology Centre!

Ericsson recently inaugurated their Global Technology Centre in Canada, and it’s all about technology and how to use the cloud-based services on a global level. The facilities also allow you to communicate and access different sources of information – store, manipulate, and transfer them among the users.

Ericsson Canada Inc

With the continuous support of the Angus Connect and their technologies helped Ericsson in building up the Centre. The system design and execution was mainly conducted under Angus’s influence, and their supportive internal & external staff joined in the hands together to make the Ericsson dream possible.

Ericsson Canada inaugurated the Global Information Technology Centre in Quebec

There is a research center in Montreal is one of the three sites that is handling all the Research related stuff for the Ericsson Telecommunication department. The other two sites are located in Sweden, and their main agenda was to reduce the centers from 50 to 3. This will help in getting the global information technology report quicker, and also ensures the accuracy.

Coming to the services and facilities at the Ericsson Global IT Centre:

Entire IMIT backbone combined with the cable supports, radio communication, satellite communication, and even the security accesses has been provided by Angus Connect. In the security access, you will get the utilities like card access system, parking control, and even the gate control setup, CCTV, and a property protection system.

Global Information Technology and Communications Centre

The Ericsson project was completed on time, keeping up with all the governing rules in check. Total construction space estimated upto 40,000m², out of which 20,000m² was ready during the inauguration. Among the total space area, an approx of 3500m² space was allocated for the admin and other support building.

With the help of this design, it was seen that the company could make out a 40% reduction in the energy consumption. This was not a small value, looking at the total energy consumption. Also, the Ericsson team were looking to get the LEED Gold recognition too. LEED is a certification for being a Leader in considering the design and their environmental effects.

Being closely connected to the R & D hubs, this amazing Global IT center has it possible for 24,000+ engineers to be connected through the same network. We can now expect the Ericsson technology and services to reach the customers faster than before, and also for better quality collaboration across the borders.

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